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Mount view Restaurant 24x7

 We use halal meat and organic fair trade ingredients from local farmers. Restaurant serves hot food breakfast, lunch and dinner with tea & coffee around 24 Hour with Halal, Vegitarian,  and Sri Lankan food serve in house or open garden.

 If your arrival is late or departure is too early no problem we serve around 24H

Please Find we do not sell Beef or Pork in out Restaurant, We do not sell any alcoholic drinks, cigarette and tobaccos as a hotel policy


Please find these foods may contain nuts in fried food and pineapple in mixed fruit juice. It is parents responsibility to select carefully if any history of food allergy.







Mount view hotel  Food & Beverage menu


1. Continental Breakfast                                                                                                07 USD

(Eggs, Sausages, Bread Toast, Butter, Jam, juice, followed with Tea or Coffee)

2. Sri Lankan Breakfast                                                                                        06 USD

(Hoppers, string Hoppers, rice with coconut sambal, paratha, pittu, bread & dhal)

Lunch& Dinner

1. SriLankan Rice & Curry                                                                                06 USD

(SriLankan paddy grown rice, Dhal Curry. /mix vegetable curry,

 Coconutsambal, salad, papadam, chicken, fish or egg stew)


2. Fried rice                                                                                                                        07 USD

Mixer with 5 kind of vegetable, chicken, prawns, sausages, eggs & chili paste)

3. Noodles

  1. Chicken Noodles                                                                                      4.5 USD
  2. Egg Noodles                                                                                               3.5 USD
  3. Vegetable Noodles                                                                                   3.5 USD

4. Sandwiches

  1. Egg sandwiches (4 sandwiches)                                                        2.5 USD

(Omelets, fried eggs, scramble eggs or boil eggs)

  1. Cheese sandwiches                                                                                 03  USD
  2. Egg & cheese sandwiches                                                                     3.5 USD
  3. Ham sandwiches                                                                                      3.5 USD


5. Devilled dishes

  1. Chicken Devilled                                                                                      06  USD
  2. Fish Devilled                                                                                              5.5 USD


6. Curry dishes

  1. Chicken Curry                                                                                           3.5 USD
  2. Fish Curry                                                                                                   2.5 USD
  3. Egg curry                                                                                                     2.5 USD


Extra Dishes


  1. Fried Chicken Piece                                                                                 03  USD
  2. Piece of Fried Fish                                                                                   03  USD
  3. Egg Omelets                                                                                                02  USD
  4. Vegetable Chops                                                                                       2.5 USD



  1. Cup of tea or coffee                                                                                 01  USD
  2. Mineral water 1L                                                                                     01  USD
  3. Soft drinks 2.5 ml (Coca-Cola,sprite,Fanta or soda)                   1.5 USD
  4. Fresh fruit Juices (orange, mango, pine apple etc.)                     2.5 USD                                                


  1. Fruit platter                                                                                                2.5 USD
  2. Ice cream                                                                                                     1.5 USD
  3. Watalappan                                                                                                1.5 USD
  4. Curd  &treacle                                                                                           1.5 USD


Kids Menu



  1. French Fries (Potato Chips ) or Noodles in various                    4.5 USD

Flavored chicken or prawns etc

  1. Chicken Sausage or fried chicken or chicken nuggets               3.5 USD
  2. Eggs (omelets scramble or boiled) with Orange, mango           2.5 USD

Or mixed fruit juice


***We always try and respect anything for guest choice without the menu***

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